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| Bronagh Holmes from Ireland

I went to the Chinese Gourmet upon recommendation from a friend in London. I was on holiday with my family and we were staying in Vilamoura, but drove to Almancil to experience the best kept secret around!
The Chinese Gourmet is hidden on a sleepy little street off the main road, but is well worth the visit!
Upon arrival we soaked up all the décor including a trophy unit in the hallway, showcasing all the Chef/owners awards. We were seated promptly and the amazing experience began! I have never been to a Chinese restaurant like this, and I have been to some really good ones. Nothing compares to this though!
My Mum, brother & sister were not too clued up on Chinese food, so when asking the owner what his recommendations were, he said we could spoil ourselves or let him spoil us. We decided to let him spoil us and boy was it worth it!!! He asked each of us our likes and dislikes, helped us choose the perfect wine and made us feel like VIP's.

Starters arrived in a huge platter with one for each of us; satay chicken skewers, spring rolls, sesame prawn toast, prawn crackers, BBQ spare ribs in a soy honey sauce & crispy seaweed.

For the mains we were brought a selection of dishes including; sweet & sour chicken for my little sister, amazing scallops, house speciality beef, house speciality duck & sizzling chicken in a black bean sauce to name a few. The rice for the table came wrapped in an impressively huge wrap of lotus leaves. The presentation was impeccable and the food was absolutely gorgeous.

Dessert came in the form of the chefs award winning display of banana fritters & caramelised oranges with a mound of carefully constructed spun sugar. It was stunning, so delicious and fun to eat.

The staff were very attentive, filling up our glasses and ensuring everything was to our liking. The toilets were spotless and well presented and the restaurant itself was very well presented, fresh, cool and clean with a lovely, friendly atmosphere. Everyone else in the restaurant seemed to be having a really good time also.

This was such an amazing experience and we would have gone back if we had more time. I recommend this restaurant to absolutely everyone!

I cant actually believe that there have been no reviews on this shockingly amazing little restaurant. Our night was a fantastic experience and was the best meal we had throughout our holiday.

Chinese Gourmet lives up to its name and is the BEST Chinese meal and restaurant experience that I have ever had!

| Fern - Scotland

Chinese Gourmet holds a legendary status within my family we continually return year after year - the master chef Mike is a delight and treats his customers like royalty his food is the best Chinese I have ever tasted he offers a wide selection and only treats the menu as a guide customisation is a must! Please spread the word I look forward to many more meals here!

| Tud - Portugal

Bit of a strange header I know but Chinese restaurants in the West fashion their food to the western palate. Real Chinese food is very much different proposition and probably just as nice. That said this restaurant serves great 'Western' Chinese food. I live in Vilamoura and there must be 4/5 'chinkies' on the Marina. Not one of them is a good as this one. I even drive 20mins there and back when I fancy a takeaway - I could get one on the Marina in 5mins!

Extensive menu served with lots of freshly sliced and diced vegetables. The chicken is proper chicken and not this reconstituted dried then soaked rubbish found in other restaurants.

Watch out for the drinks with ice. Tall thin glass full of ice doesn't leave much Coke Cola for the young ones or the adults when you have a spicy dish and yet they charge you handsomely for it. Ask for a tin if they have one.

Parking can be a bit limited on the street outside but it is all worth it.

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